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Q: What is Beyond Water Vitamins?

A: Beyond Water Essential Vitamins is an all natural flavoured vitamin and flavour enhancer, sweetened with stevia.


Q: How long does your product last?

A: The product shelf life is 1 Year if stored in a cool environment away from sunlight. The short shelf life of the product comes from the use of all natural ingredients.


Q: How often should I consume Beyond Water Essential Vitamins?

A: That’s a completely personal choice – however we recommend consuming 1 squeeze per glass no more than 5 times a day or just adding it to your bottle of water and sipping the water whenever you are thirsty. 


Q: Should I use hot or cold water?

A: Beyond Water is suited to consume with room temperature or chilled water/soda as per your preference. Additionally it can be used as a mixer with drinks. 


Q: What is the best container to store the water?

A: The best container to store beyond water infused water would ideally be a glass bottle, glass jar or a glass mug. To store the infused water any kind of a container that holds liquids can be used, but metal and plastic might take away from the ideal flavour experience. 


Q: Are there any nutritional benefits of drinking Beyond Water?

A: Absolutely there are benefits to drinking Beyond Water essential vitamins. It adds flavour to your water which motivates you to hydrate frequently. Additionally we have added important vitamins keeping in mind daily vitamin needs for an individual.

Just so you know, Each squeeze of Beyond Water has:

Vitamin: Found In:
Vitamin A 
= 1 cup of spinach
Vitamin C  
= ½ orange
Vitamin E 
= 20 peanuts
Vitamin D 
= 3 egg yolks
Vitamin B 12
= 1 slice of cheese
Vitamin B 6
= 1 banana
Vitamin B 3
= 1 avocado


THESE ARE JUST 15% of your daily requirements, so you can have upto 5 servings per day, and as much as you want. WITHOUT FEAR!

Sweet! Isn’t it? Absolutely NOT!!

All our products have 0 grams sugar, and is sweetened naturally using high purity stevia.


Q: Does beyond water have artificial sweeteners?

A: We at Beyond Water do not use any artificial sweeteners in our products. We use stevia extracts to sweeten our products. Stevia is a safe plant based alternative to artificial sweeteners making our products safe to consume for all age groups and diabetics.


Q: Are your products carbonated?

A: No, Beyond Water essential vitamin are not carbonated in any way.


Q: What are the ingredients of Beyond Water?

A: Beyond Water uses all natural ingredients from natural flavours, natural colours to natural vitamin extracts. You can find additional information about our ingredients on the back of Beyond Water bottle or on our product page. Click Here


Q: What type of sweetener is used in Beyond Water?

A: Beyond Water uses an all natural plant based alternative sweetener called stevia. We closely work with local stevia vendors in order to control the quality and flavour of our products.


Q: What is the difference between artificial sweeteners and stevia?

A: We at Beyond Water use pure stevia who create an all natural product which makes it safe for all age groups. Off the shelf energy drinks and juices contain approximately 12g of sugar and a range of artificial flavours and colours.


Q: Can children drink beyond water?

A: YES, even your child can consume Beyond Water essential vitamins. It's for everyone! 


Q: As a diabetic can I consume Beyond Water?

A: Absolutely diabetic patients can consume Beyond Water as we do not use sugar and artificial sweeteners in any of our products. It's safe and friendly for all age groups.


Q: How many flavours is beyond water available in?

A: Beyond Water has 4 unique and natural flavours such as Zesty orange, Lemon mint, Mango peach and Lemon iced tea. We would love to have your suggestions to add on in our product list. 


Q: Are the products vegan?

A: All the products are 100% vegan and natural. 



Q: What is beyond water electrolytes all about? 

A: Beyond Water Electrolytes are India's 1st ever liquid water enhancer. They help balance your pH Levels, re-energize your body & help regulate muscle contraction.

- We use potassium and sodium salt that replenish your body of the lost electrolytes and fluids.


Q: Why choose Beyond Water Electrolytes?

A: Unlike store bought electrolytes, beyond water electrolytes contain 0 sugar and are naturally sweetened, naturally flavoured, is in liquid form for better absorption, delivers 2% of RDA of salts per servings (Sodium, Potassium, & Chloride) has higher salts than other competitors & gives you instant hydration. 

We have flavour more palettable to the indian taste buds like Raw Mango and Ginger Lime.


Q: How many servings can I make from one bottle of Beyond Water Electrolytes?

A: It makes upto 24 servings. 


Cocktail Mixers 

Q: Are Beyond water Cocktail Mixers Alcoholic?

A: No, our Cocktail Mixers are alcohol-free.


Q: How to use beyond water cocktails?

A: Just pour Beyond Water Cocktail, add 60 ml of your favourite alcohol over ice, top it up with your choice of mixer (soda,water,tonic) stir & serve. 

Your favourite cocktail is ready in just 30 seconds!


Q: Can kids & those who prefer non-alcoholic products have this?

A: YES! Absolutely, Our cocktail mixers are not just limited to alcohol- They can be used at your kids parties instead of carbonated soft drinks. As for the Non-alcoholic drinkers, these mixers are perfect to make Mocktails. 


Q: How to make Cocktails/Mocktails from Beyond Water Cocktail Mixers?

A: For Cocktails all you have to do is:  

  • In a glass, add ice cubes along with 30ml or 60ml of Alcohol.
  • Flip & Squeeze Beyond Water Cocktail Mixers.
  • Top up with your choice of mixer (soda,water,tonic)
  • Stir or shake, & it's ready!

For Mocktails all you have to do is:  

  • Add some ice cubes in a glass of your choice
  • Flip & Squeeze Beyond Water Cocktail Mixers.
  • Top up with your choice of mixer (soda,water,tonic)
  • Garnish it with some lime wedges and you’re all set!

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