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Why Beyond Water?

We came to life in the year 2020, with a clear mission of promoting natural and tasty hydration solutions for everyone. We want, for US, to evolve beyond the ordinary water. 

Water is quite boring right?

Even though it is really good for you, it’s just bland and tasteless! Maybe that’s why you don’t drink much of it. 

This is where we step in. We are a portable, economical, convenient, customizable and conscious way to make drinking water more fun. We are here to empower you with choice and convenience. 

So let’s add life to it now and make you love water again.

Beyond water enables you to sip and remain hydrated throughout the day. With our four curated flavors that give your body the daily dose of vitamins without compromising on taste and you can remain hydrated and healthy on the go. 

The process of crafting a perfect product for you started from us collaborating with local vendors and suppliers to control the quality at different levels to bring you the freshest and most natural ingredients. 

We’ve concocted the perfect flavors for you to sit back, chill and just enjoy the vibe.


Tired of glucose powders turning solid or having to carry around energy drink bottles? Worry not, our palm sized squeeze bottles are portable and fancy and fit anywhere. You can carry them around everywhere with you; to the office, on a run, out with friends and yes even on the plane! (Yes, we made sure it was under 100ml).
We love the planet and aim to reduce plastic waste. Every time you buy from us, you are effectively consuming 25 times less plastic than you would have in the form of ready-to-drink beverages. (which mind you, are full of sugar and synthetic flavours).


We are here to burst the myth that healthy means compromising on taste. Our flavours are crisp and vibrant and add just the right amount of life to your water. We made sure not to take away the taste of water in doing so. 

These delicious drops of rejuvenation are completely natural and customizable and provide 15% of your body’s daily vitamin requirement.  When we DIY everything these days, then why should our water be any different? You can choose to add as little or as much of it as you wish. The power is in your hand (literally).


Let us tell you where our drinks get their vibrant colors from:

Mango Peach gets its lovely sunny yellow from natural turmeric extracts, also known as ghar ki haldi.

Lemon Iced Tea’s earthy brown color comes from the natural color released from the cold brewing of tea leaves

Lemon Mint is as clear as a bright sunny day just like the age-old nimbu pani we all love. 

Zesty Orange gets its vibrant color from dried natural carrots that were turned into fine powder and mixed with natural oils from the orange. Since the colours are natural, the colour may fade over time.

Naturally Flavoured

Naturally Flavoured We bring you the best of natural flavours that bridge the gap between you and the farmlands. Taste so good that your taste buds will thank you!

Here is a little more about our flavours:
Zesty Orange: This juicy flavour comes from oils extracted from cold pressed orange peels of carefully selected oranges and makes a great pick with your morning breakfast.
Lemon Mint: To get the perfect balance of lemon and mint for this flavour, we cold pressed lemon peels to extract the oil and combined it with mint oil that we distilled to give you a perfect thirst quenching nimbu pani – reach out for it right after that hard workout. 
Lemon Iced Tea: What do you get when you take the fragrant essence of distilled tea leaves and give it a lemon punch extracted from the cold pressed oils of lemon peels? You get the perfect flavour for that hot sunny day.
Mango Peach: Here is a new combination we are sure you won’t forget. Enjoy this luscious flavour derived from mango and peach pulps, on a day for some sinful and guilt free indulgence.


Natural Colours

Electrolytes are essential to intake minerals and our Beyond Water Electrolytes are organically made with natural colours.

Raw Mango gets its fresh green colour from Chlorophyll that is found in its natural form in the environment.

Naturally Flavoured

Flavours play an important role to uplift any drink and our electrolytes do exactly the same while providing much needed minerals

Raw Mango: The sour and earthy flavour of raw mango is infused in the electrolytes to give a refreshing and reminiscent flavour of childhood during a humid day in need of hydration.

Ginger Lime: An old-school familiar flavour with the combination of natural ginger extracts and lemon peel oil to keep you going. This traditionally backed flavour profile will provide maximum hydration and energy.


Cocktail Mixes

Natural Colours

Our cocktail mixes are infused with natural colours that are organically obtained.

Mojito gets its cloudy appearance from natural ingredients and gives it the perfect appeal of a fresh and refreshing drink.

Rose Lemonade gets its beautiful vibrant pink colour from the fresh and ripe berries that are naturally sourced from the farms.

Lavender Honey’s pleasing purple colour is derived from the naturally aromatic lavender herb that has many health benefits.

Cucumber Mint gets its minty green colour from fresh mint leaves that are crushed to give this cocktail mix a refreshing appearance.

Naturally Flavoured

Our Cocktail mixes bring about a fun take on flavours while being natural and organic

Mojito: With the freshness of natural mint and lemon, the cocktail mix sets the mood for the evening. The blended goodness of crushed mint and lemon peel oil extract makes a perfect refreshing drink.

Rose Lemonade: The combination of fresh, zesty lemon peel oil and floral notes from the rose extracts are the flavour profile of this delicious cocktail mix. This flavourful cocktail mix will jazz up any occasion.

Lavender Honey: The cocktail mix is based on a blend of rich, organic honey with naturally sourced lavender oil. The taste is unique and refreshing at the same time that keeps you coming for more.

Cucumber Mint: The raw and fresh flavours of this cocktail comes from crushed mint leaves and natural cucumber extracts. The refreshing and cool taste of this cocktail is perfect for a light evening.


Suitable For All Age Groups 

It's for YOU! 

Beyond Water is safe and friendly for everyone. We've made drinking water fun for all. This drink is customizable and can be made by anyone, for anyone, Yes! Even your child can DIY it. It's that simple. 

We understand that you are the one who will choose the healthier option, spend more time scrutinizing the back of every label and make a choice that will impact not only you but the world you live in. This product is for your experimental spirit. Once you give it a try, you will never go back. 

Cost Effective

Imagine staying healthy without your wallet taking a hit. Ditch your expensive energy drinks and vitamin supplements. Go beyond with our budget friendly products. They are totally economical and convenient. Trust us, your wallet will thank you!

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