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Health Benefits

Beyond Water Health Benefits

Still using traditional methods to add nutrition to your diet? These delicious drinks can be consumed by anyone, whether you're on a strict diet or have diabetes, they are packed with vitamins that will leave you energized throughout the day.  

70 - 90% Indians do not get their daily dose of adequate vitamins. Beyond Water’s Essential Vitamin drinks, aims to solve two issues at once - Hydration & Vitamin replenishment. These are completely customizable, packed with flavor and provide 15% of your body’s daily vitamin requirement. You can choose to add as little or as much of it as you please.

We use a natural sweetener called stevia and contrary to the general belief, it is an all-natural and an extremely safe alternative to processed sugars. Often, store bought stevia brands may have fillers which make them as bad as Sucralose or Aspartame that are harmful to our body. Sadly, this is what gives “Stevia” a bad name. But we use 99% pure stevia of the highest quality, with our partners that work closely with stevia farmers to create an all-natural product, making it safe for you and people of all ages including diabetics. Off the shelf energy drinks and juices contain approximately 12g of sugar and a range of artificial flavours and colours.

These refreshingly awesome, delicious, fabulous drops of happiness, that transform water into an energizing drink is surely going to be your go to drink! Don't let artificially flavored drinks take over your life – Lets Go BEYOND the ordinary.

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