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Hangover Cures

4 Weird Hangover Cures That Actually Work!

Was that party too wild for a work night? Have you woken up scratching your head looking for a hangover cure that will kick in faster than that alcohol did? On such occasions knowing what not to do is a great way to prevent further damage. There are some weird hangover cures out there that can aggravate more than pacify your situation and so before we help you with a suitable hangover cure, let’s bust some myths-

Weird Hangover Myths

Every group of friends will have that one person who loves to give unsolicited advice without knowing much about anything. Maybe this was the friend who encouraged another glass when really you should have stopped a glass before. So, before your desperation compels you to take a wrong step here are the top three myths you must steer clear of: -

  • Myth 1: Have Another Drink the Morning After
  • A lot of folks swear by this weird hangover cure. This “hair of the dog” trick is believed to subdue the hangover symptoms. There is some science behind this: drinking alcohol converts methanol into formaldehyde which is a toxic compound that is causing certain hangover symptoms. When you drink alcohol the next morning, this conversion of formaldehyde is stopped altogether which relieves you of your symptoms. However, this is a temporary cure that will not only prolong your recovery but may also increase your alcohol dependency. We recommend you say “no” to this one.

  • Myth 2: Eat a HEAVY Breakfast
  • A heavy breakfast that includes meat, burgers, leftover pizzas, fizzy sodas, cheese toasts, or fries might sound like an incredibly tempting solution to cure hangovers. Here is why - as per Jessica Kruger, author of the study, Drunchies Hangover, alcohol causes the blood sugar levels to spike and fall stimulating the brain to feel ravenous suddenly and forcing us to reach out for fast-food to satiate our cravings. This also might be the reason why only fast-food restaurants are open late after the bars close.

    However, instead of helping you feel better, greasy foods decrease the absorption of alcohol in the blood. Additionally, they might instigate acid reflux making you feel more nauseous than before. 

  • Myth 3: Have a Cup of Coffee  
  • Coffee aficionados stand by their belief in a cup of coffee to cure almost anything. While it may reduce fatigue, coffee will do little to cure other hangover symptoms. There are no scientific studies to reveal whether coffee is a good or a bad hangover cure but unless you feel a caffeine headache coming on, you can skip this one.

    So, What Should I Do?    

    When your head is throbbing and nausea makes you uneasy, here are some tips to relieve you of the sensation: -

  • Sleep it off
  • This is a little challenging to accomplish because consuming an excess of alcohol can lead to disturbances in your sleeping pattern. While sleeping will not cure your hangover symptoms, lack of good sleep exacerbates the problem at hand. Inadequate sleep can intensify headaches, lead to more fatigue, and subsequently increase irritability – all the ingredients to make an already bad hangover worse. Contrarily, a good night’s sleep will help your body recover and make the symptoms of a hangover slightly more bearable.   

  • Have a Healthy Breakfast
  • A hangover cure that is most commonly recommended is to have a hearty breakfast. But not the greasy kind that they show in the movies. Avoid fatty foods like leftover pizza or gravy which will increase acid reflux and take longer to leave the body. They further trouble the lining of your stomach which is already irritated with the alcohol. Instead, if you feel nauseous, opt for carbs that can be quickly digested. You can go for dry toast, crackers, or even bagels. You can pair these with some protein such as a hard-boiled egg if you are not too nauseous. Once your stomach settles you can have a more filling breakfast such as an avocado toast with some bell peppers, or a refreshing breakfast fruit smoothie.   

  • Re-Hydrate
  • When you wake up feeling nauseous, drinking fluids might be the last thing you’ll want to do. However, alcohol causes mild dehydration which leads to headaches, dizziness, and cramps. As alcohol is a diuretic, you urinate a lot and lose important electrolytes. To restore these electrolytes and beat the alcohol-induced dehydration, go for the Raw Mango or Ginger Lime flavoured waters by Beyond Water. The refreshing drink is especially great for when you might be feeling nauseous.  

    Start with a glass of water once you wake up to meet the hydration requirement and feel better from the night before. If you get to the point of throwing up you will have to work on replenishing the lost electrolytes. With Beyond Water not only can you meet that hydration requirement but do so by choosing from a selection of six delicious flavours that will enhance the bland taste of regular water. The refreshing taste not only makes it a lot easier to drink water but also makes it healthier. Flavours such as Ginger Lime can calm your stomach while helping you restore your electrolytes.  

  • Take Some Vitamin Supplements
  • Several hangover symptoms are a result of nutrient deficiencies particularly Vitamin B as stated in a study by the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. There are several over-the-counter remedies such as pills and patches that claim to help you beat these hangover symptoms by restoring the lost nutrients. However, if you want to choose a more natural route, consuming drinks rich with electrolytes can help restore important minerals such as sodium, potassium, and calcium. Some recommendations include: - 

    • Coconut water is an excellent choice when nursing a hangover as it instantly rehydrates your body. The potassium and natural sugars in coconut water helps maintain the fluid and electrolyte balance in your body.
    • When you drink, the pH levels of your body change and become more acidic. A ginger lemonade is a hydrating solution with antioxidants and is enriched with gingerol and Vitamin C that balance the pH level again. The Ginger Lime drink by Beyond Water promotes instant rehydration making it a go-to hangover cure
    • The Strawberry Lemonade flavour by Beyond Water is rich in Vitamin B which is a major nutrient deficient in a hangover. Restoring this lost vitamin may help treat your hangover sooner.  

    To conclude, when dealing with a hangover, it is advisable to follow the cures that are backed by science instead of blindly following something you have been told. Remedies such as rehydrating with necessary electrolytes, filling up on a healthy breakfast, and taking some supplements are all ways that can help reduce the troubling symptoms.

    Instead of a boring sports drink to meet the hydration requirement as a hangover cure, choose from the range of refreshing flavours of Beyond Water such as Zesty Orange, Watermelon Mint, or even Strawberry Lemonade – all of which are rich in antioxidants to help you recover from your crazy night.   

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