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Alkaline Water

Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water? Easily Explained.

Alkaline water refers to the water that has a pH level between 7 to 14. This is dependent on the concentration of hydrogen ions in the water. More concentrated ions means that the water has a low pH value ranging from 1-7. Whereas a lower concentration of hydrogen ions results in a more alkaline fluid (with pH levels between 7 - 14.) 

Alkaline water contains four main minerals—Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, and Sodium—that contribute to its property of neutralising the acidity in the body and rejuvenating its cells, thus preventing the onset of many ailments. This electrochemical balance is important to the body. The human biological system is made up of about 70% water and requires fluids, rich with minerals and vitamins for its optimum functioning. Keeping this in mind, ordinary tap water only has a pH of 7 and is not sufficiently alkaline to provide all the benefits. Thus, enhanced and electrolyte infused, alkaline water with a pH balance of 8-9 is considered ideal to maintain our fitness and nutrition as we work towards building a healthy body. 

While it comes with a host of benefits, here are some of the major add-ons that come with introducing alkaline water to our diets: 

  1.   Anti-Aging Properties: With water being the key ingredient in the make-up of the human body, the quality of water that replenishes the hydration requirements of the cells is significant to their growth and well-being. Dehydration and nutrient deficiency in the cells can increase their rate of deterioration. Well-balanced water contains minerals and vitamins that prevent the cells from shrivelling and decrease their rate of decay by keeping them hydrated and happy. This in turn keeps the cells refreshed, and the skin glowing with the radiance of good health, making you look younger and brighter.
  1.   Detoxification: Alkaline water contains essential antioxidants, and its alkaline properties balance the acid in the body as well. This is highly important because too much acidity in the body, caused by certain foods can lead to an acid reflex wherein the contents of the stomach splash up the food pipe because of the acidity. With Beyond Water’s natural and sugar free water enhancer on the go, you can ensure that the soothing taste and effects of alkaline water are immediately delivered to the gastro-intestinal lining, thus helping you enjoy the delights of your favourite meal.
  1.   Immunity Booster: With the cells being given a chance to function at their optimum, they are better able to defend our bodies with more gusto. More hydration and lower levels of acidity create an environment for the cells where they can become stronger, healthier, and fitter, to be armed to fight off infections and ailments. As they are not busy struggling with the symptoms of dehydration and mineral deficiencies, they are more capable of warding off diseases, thus leading to better immunity and fitness levels.
  1. Bone Health Builder: The calcium, magnesium, and potassium together with bicarbonates in the water result in better bone strength as they facilitate the absorption of vitamins and minerals in the bones, ensuring more effective healing and restoration of  bones. The balancing effect of the pH also leads to an efficient utilisation of the minerals by the cells of the body, thus improving bone health.
  1.   Energy Provider: Acidity and dehydration in the body can severely impact the energy levels of the body by inducing symptoms such as headaches, nausea, fatigue, muscle cramps, and other related issues. Keeping the body hydrated is important for the well-being of the body and a well-balanced pH is important to keep acidity at bay. The one-stop solution to these two issues is alkaline water that detoxifies the body, replenishes the cells, and soothes them, thus revitalising and recharging them to give their best. This leaves us feeling more agile, energetic, and fresh, increasing our productivity and vigour.
  1.   Weight Loss: With the previously mentioned benefits of increasing energy levels, detoxifying the body, balancing the acidity, and rejuvenating the cells, alkaline water aids the weight loss process by increasing the efficiency of digestion. With the frequency of acidity reducing, there is more energy in the body for workouts. It is also well suited to maintain the body’s nutrition post-work out, thus contributing to healthy fitness levels. Sweating during the work-out depletes nutrients in the body and drinks like Beyond Water’s flavoured water not only fulfil the nutrition needs of the body post workout, but they are also sugar free, which means that there are no added carbs going into the body. With a bottle that can fit in the smallest of spaces in your gym bag, add a zesty kick to your post workout water and make the workout routine more exciting. 

Keeping track of the water intake is essential to ensure that our bodies are not dehydrated. Feeling thirsty is an indication that the body is already feeling the brunt of a lack of water. It is important to take care that we not only meet the hydration requirements of the body but restore its vitality and allow it time to heal from the strain of leading a busy and action-filled life. While it is important to add healthy foods to the diet and keep a check on our physical fitness, it is also imperative to calculate our water intake. 

The wonderful flavour-enhancing, natural, and sugar free products from Beyond Water make hydration a breeze. The vibrant flavours and tangy twists will automatically make you reach out for the glass or bottle of water. Add in this nutrition packed drink, and savour the taste of good health with every sip you take. Beyond Water’s products are packaged in portable, easy to use, and compact bottles that you can even carry as carry-ons on flights. 

Packed in palm-sized bottles, Beyond Water products come in many flavours and the amount added to the glass of water can be customised, thus giving you the control of what you drink, and how you drink it. Interestingly, 70% of Beyond Water consumers claim that their water intake has gone up by 30-40 % on a daily basis while their consumption of sugary soft drinks, cola, and other packaged beverages have fallen considerably. They are made with natural and whole fruits, tastefully blended, for all ages to relish! 

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