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6 Reasons Why Electrolytes Should Be a Part of Your Diet

Mother nature has blessed the earth and its creatures with an abundance of that elixir of life called water. But are you happy with the water you drink? Read on to know why we ask.

The smallest of steps can lead to the biggest changes, and this is true for the ionic chemicals that are important to keep our bodies healthy. Electrolytes, some of the smallest chemical substances—such as potassium, magnesium, sodium, and calcium—are found in the body and contain a positive or negative electric charge that is important for the functioning and regulation of the body organs. Being made of about 70% water at the time of birth, the human body thrives on being hydrated and nourished with essential minerals and vitamins to ensure optimal functioning. Electrolytes are found majorly in the fluids and food that each person consumes, and a simple glass of water can become a storehouse of nutrition. 

With an increasingly fast-paced and conscious lifestyle, the number of tasks that require physical work, engaging workouts like treks, and activities like cycling for commuting are gaining traction. This is important to bear in mind because while it helps in regulating our body temperature, sweating also leads to the loss of fluids and minerals from our body and dehydrates us. This nutrition deficit further leads to loss of energy and making us feel weary sooner than expected. The loss of electrolytes or an imbalance can lead to potential health issues such as dehydration, irregular heartbeat, which can be prevented by keeping ourselves hydrated and ensuring that necessary minerals and vitamins are being consumed. Electrolytes provide multiple benefits, and it is essential to understand their role in our lives so that we may be able to better assimilate them into our diets. 

Here are some of the reasons why they are essential for good health

  1. Improves Muscle Function

    Minerals like calcium and magnesium work together to ensure that muscle contractions and relaxations are functioning properly. They look after maintaining the harmony between muscles sliding over each other. Not having the proper amount of these minerals in the body can lead to muscle weakness, muscle spasms, and fatigue. This is especially important for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and everyone who is involved in physical work to ensure that their muscles are in good shape and receiving the required care.
  1. Helps with Proper Hydration

    The process of osmosis takes care of cells in the body, such that water levels inside and outside the cells don’t lead to shrivelling or bursting of the cells due to being overfilled. The level of water on either side is dependent on the concentration of minerals such as sodium that is important in maintaining the delicate balance. So, just gulping down water may not be the best way to go. Ensuring that every sip you take is packed with rejuvenating properties that serve the well-being of the cells is also critical to your healthBeyond Water’s range of products not only ensure that every drop in your glass of water is teeming with lip-smacking flavours, but also with the essential electrolytes and minerals that will make every cell in your body sing with delight.
  1. Controls the Internal pH Levels

    The amount of minerals and vitamins in the body impact whether the internal body levels are acidic or alkaline. A balance of all the electrolytes in the body is essential to maintain the pH between 7.35 to 7.45, keeping the body healthy. While fruits and vegetables are good sources for electrolytes, keeping a check on which food is good for which electrolyte may become cumbersome; therefore, having the minerals packed in one easy-to-carry bottle like the one designed by Beyond Water, may be more fruitful in getting rid of tracking the nutrient intake.
  1. Rehydrates During Illnesses

    Another great benefit of electrolyte water is that it can be a great source of nutrition to recover in times of illness. Diarrhoea, nausea, and vomiting are all too common symptoms of dehydration, and come alongside many illnesses as well. They prevent the patient from solid food intake, with children being more susceptible to this than adults. Thus, combined with a popping mix of natural flavours, this electrolyte water can be a good source of ensuring that the proper nutrients are available to the body for its healing. 
  1. Prevents Heat Stroke

    In times of rising temperatures, longer commuting hours, and tempting beach-cations, the level of electrolytes can go down because of sweating. The activity of the body that keeps the body temperature under check can also deplete the nutrients in the body that are present. This makes the body more susceptible to heat-related illnesses such as heat strokes, headaches, and fatigue. Replenishing the electrolytes with electrolyte infused water cuts down the risk of heat related problems.
  1. Facilitates the Functioning of the Nervous System

    The nervous system of the body operates by sending signals through the nerves in the form of electrochemical impulses that travel the length of the cell to create an action. Being electrochemical in nature, health drinks with electrolytes play an important role in this communication and a deficiency can cause problems such as muscle cramps. 


Thus, effectively adding electrolytes to our diet can help prevent a host of problems. In looking for solutions to incorporate more nutrition into our bodies, not only do we opt for options that are accessible in terms of availability and deliveries, but also those that are safe for our health and our environment. 

Beyond Water provides a beautiful blend of flavours in compact bottles that are easy to use, convenient to carry, and packed with the essential vitamins and minerals that are safe to be consumed by all. Completely vegan with natural colours, it is not only suitable for all age groups, but also made with natural sweeteners from the stevia plant, allowing even diabetes patients to add taste and vitality to their water without a worry. All you need to do is flip this adorable palm sized bottle over your glass of water, squeeze the amount of drops you’d like, and enjoy the medley of flavours that will transport you to a land beyond worries. 

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