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Why is Sugar Bad For You? Here are 7 Reasons.

Why is Sugar Bad For You? Here are 7 Reasons.


Sugar surrounds us in almost all the foods and drinks that we consume. It is important to understand its benefits and more importantly, its harmful effects on our body so that we can progress on our journey towards fitness and health. Sugar is found even in the most unexpected of products like bread, and the most obvious ones like soft drinks or energy drinks. 

Before going into the reasons why sugar can be bad for the body, it is essential to distinguish between the added sugars and the natural sugars. 

Added Sugars

Added sugars are those that are added to or mixed with food and beverages to enhance their flavours. Sucrose, maltose, sweeteners, corn, or sugar syrups are all added in meals and drinks and add to the body’s ailments if not judiciously consumed. The sweetness of the sugar brings with it the poison of ill-health and discomfort that can be easily avoided with a more conscious lifestyle.

Natural Sugars

The other kind of sugars, which are the natural sugars, are found inherently in fruits, vegetables, and milk. These are naturally occurring sugars and their effect on our body is negligible as compared to the effects of added sugars. Naturally occurring or extracted sugars that go through minimal processing are easily broken down and digested by the body, making them more suitable for consumption. Stevia, which in fact, is a safe and natural alternative to sugar, is often adulterated, leading to harmful side-effects.  Many off-the-shelf drinks contain sweeteners from Stevia brands that contain harmful compounds, such as Sucralose or Aspartame and other fillers, lending a bad name to the plant.

Now that we know the difference between the two, let’s look in more detail as to why added sugars are bad for the body and what are the possible alternatives. 

  1. Weight Gain

    One of the most associated problems with overindulgence of sugars is weight gain. The consumption of soft drinks, energy drinks, and processed foods with sugars, can lead to a gain in weight that can translate to obesity. This in turn increases the risk of other medical issues such as heart diseases, strokes, and type 2 diabetes.

  2. Mood Swings and Fatigue

    The overindulgence of added sugars can lead to either spikes or plummets in the blood sugar level and Glycemic index of the body, causing adverse effects. The spikes from consuming a lot of sugar can lead to potential mood swings and irritability, while a deficiency or plummeting of the glucose levels can lead to feeling hungry at odd times, fatigue, weakness, and uneasiness in the body. Therefore, it becomes important to consume the right kind of sugars and in the right quantity for a healthy body.
  1. Disease Causing

    Artificial sweeteners are added to products like diet coke or other drinks to make up for the missing sweet flavours in the product. However, growing research shows that artificially manufactured sweeteners may adversely affect the body by increasing the risk of high blood pressure and metabolic syndrome. The alternative that would work instead, are the naturally extracted and minimally processed sweeteners that are taken from whole fruits and plants. Without undergoing intensive processing, the water enhancer by Beyond Water provides a range of flavours that are naturally sweet. While a normal bottle of soft drink has up to 12 g of sugar, the natural sweetener from the stevia plant makes the drink safe and healthy for consumption.
  1. Lowers Immunity

    Many bacteria and yeast feed off sugar. Thus, an increase in the blood sugar levels can become a breeding ground for such bacteria that can result in the risk of catching infections and a reduced capability of the immune system to fight them off. Beyond water’s water enhancer is filled with essential vitamins and minerals that ensures the right nutrition is available to the immune system and it functions with vitality and vigour.
  1. Causes Teeth Decay

    An increase in the visits to your dentist can be a potential outcome of consuming too much sugar. Like the bacteria that impact the immune system, the bacteria in the mouth also feed off sugar and make a permanent base in the teeth, causing teeth and gum issues that result in painful ramifications for the body. Avoiding regular and uncontrolled consumption of sweet foods and drinks, and shifting to healthier alternatives, can keep your gorgeous smile and gleaming teeth intact.
  1. Lowers the Absorption of Vital Nutrients for the Body

    Additional and unhealthy sugars take away the focus of the digestive system from the essential nutrients in our food and redirect it to breaking down the complex compounds in the sugar. This results in the loss of nutrition and the benefits that would have been important to the health and fitness of the body. Thus, suitable for all ages, and even diabetes patients, the water enhancer, like Beyond Water products, are not only made with the natural sweetener Stevia, but they also contain minerals, vitamins, and electrolytes that help in fulfilling the nutrition requirements of the body.
  1. Makes Your Skin Age Faster

    With irregular and uncontrolled intake of artificial or added sweeteners, the spikes and plummets caused in the blood sugar levels can lead to stress in the skin cells. This can lead to inflammation of the skin cells, a duller looking skin, or contribute to wrinkles and sagging of the skin. The high level of these sugars, coupled with digestion issues as mentioned above, can also lead to dehydration that further contributes to potential skin problems. Cutting down on the portions of sugar and ensuring a regular water consumption, especially when mixed with the refreshing flavours of Beyond Water products, can lead to better hydration and vibrant, glowing skin.  Thus, with a new zeal for conscious living and introducing fitness and health benefits into our lives, Beyond Water provides a beautifully tasteful blend of flavours that will not only enhance your glass of water, but also the vitality and immunity of your body.
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